Kate Middleton to trigger 'keyboard warriors' with her big return for Trooping the Colour

Kate Middleton makes appearance for King's birthday amid cancer treatment

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Kate Middleton to trigger 'keyboard warriors' with her big return for Trooping the Colour

Kate Middleton’s first Royal appearance in a very long time has turned heads amongst the public.

The Princess of Wales, who is undergoing cancer treatment and taking a seat back on the Royal duties, will be seen for the first time in a while as admirers celebrate King Charles’ birthday.

The future Queen has decided to make a special appearance at the Trooping the Colour parade to honour her father-in-law. But amid this, a Royal expert has suggested how Kate is likely to take away the limelight from everybody else.

Royal historian and expert Dr Tessa Dunlop told the Mirror: "Hold your breath, Kate is back. The message was cautious, her 'treatment is ongoing', the Princess has 'good days and bad days' but she is 'looking forward to attending the King’s birthday parade'. Hurrah!

"For royal followers, this is huge news, it is also a major uptick for the Windsor brand. Kate is their star power, combining glamour with grace and good humour and has been sorely missed. Trooping would have gone ahead without her, but let's not pretend that royal business as usual is possible at this annual fixture without her sharp-edged regal style and bold, bright colours.

"A rumour mill in overdrive is where we would have ended up – keyboard warriors in dark corners spitting bile, triggering a guessing game as to Kate's latest prognosis, and a summer of unhelpful speculation.

"Instead the Princess of Wales has opted for duty and display from her horse-drawn carriage and then, at a safe distance, a dignified wave on the balcony. Critical to the royal family's pulling power, a lightning rod for the nation’s sympathies and affection, no matter how brief her appearance, and despite not taking the salute as Colonel of the Irish Guards, Trooping will be Kate’s day. It is the King's birthday parade, but like everyone else he is 'delighted' his daughter-in-law will be there,” Dr Dunlop added.