King Charles' Trooping of Colour compared to a failed potluck party

King Charles warned his future is starting to look incredibly sparce

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King Charles' Trooping of Colour compared to a failed potluck party

King Charles’ monarchy event on the Trooping of Colour has just been compared to that of a failed potluck party where not everyone decided to show.

Everything has been pointed out by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she touched on the emptiness that followed the Royal Family’s balcony moment for the Trooping of Colour event.

According to the expert, “Even with the remaining HRHs who officially represent the Crown carefully splayed out there (including the choreography of different family members walking out onto the iconic perch via different doors based on seniority), the end result is an image of a shrunken, somewhat withered royal family.”

“The balcony on Saturday just looked empty, like half the guests to a BYO potluck had not deigned to turn up,” Ms Elser noted.

“This might not be anything new, but moments like this weekend and Kensington Palace’s tweet make this particular harsh truth impossible to ignore, no matter the mega-wattage of Kate’s smile or Prince Louis’ reliably impish antics.”

The Royal Family is ‘in trouble’ Ms Elser believes and this is because “Looking at the images from Trooping, what is clear is that someone needs to dispatch an emissary to Montecito to see if some sort of making-up can be brokered over a wheatgrass shot.”