Jodie Turner-Smith on seeing Joshua Jackson date two months after divorce

Jodie Turner talks how she felt learning about her ex husband's PDA-filled time with actress Lupita Nyong'o

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Jodie Turner-Smith on seeing Joshua Jackson date two months after divorce

Actress-model Jodie Turner-Smith is all about healthy coparenting, and she just shared her honest thoughts about what it's felt like to see her ex moving on with someone.

Jodie, 37, was recently asked of her opinion about her ex husband,  Joshua Jackson, dating actress Lupita Nyong'o exactly two months after she filed for divorce in october.

"Good for them," Turner-Smith told The Cut. "We need happiness in order to peacefully co-parent. I'm trying to get us to the Gwyneth and Chris Martin level. I truly hope they're happy and that it benefits us as a family."

Joshua, who had a very PDA-filled marriage with Jodie on social media and red carpets, was spotted on a romantic stroll with Lupita near their Autocamp resort in Joshua Tree, California. They later had a PDA-filled beach outing in Puerto Vallarta.

However, Jodie has now decided to keep it discrete in her next relationship, saying her future relationship will not be for the public eye.

"When you're in the public eye, a part of you belongs to the public. It stops being yours and becomes theirs too," she told The Cut. "I didn’t have an accurate scope of understanding what it would mean to share my relationship with the public. It's something I will never do again. Ever. That is one major lesson that I took away from this, which is just that people don't need to know everything."

She listed 13 September as date of separation after three years of marriage during which she also gave birth to their now three-year-old daughter, Juno.

Jodie, 37, recalled her first meeting with the Dawson's Creek star as a one night stand that turned into a 'three-year-night-stand.' The two first met in 2018 at a charity event at the ace hotel in downtown Los Angeles. 

She first spoke of the divorce publicly in February where she echoed similar comments to The Times of London about moving on and accepting exe's relationship for the sake of healthy co-parenting.

"Sometimes things we really want to work just don't end up working," she said at the time. "And that’s OK. The most important thing is that you choose what’s healthiest for you and your family and definitely your children."

"We obviously had such a beautiful moment together," she said. "And now it’s time for a new moment for both of us. And how exciting! The bravest thing in the world is to recognize when something’s not working and to make a move, and I always want to set that kind of example for my daughter."