Tom Brady divorce proves good for Gisele Bündchen

Sources say Gisele Bündchen is 'blossoming' after her divorce from Tom Brady

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Tom Brady divorce proves good for Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen is reportedly having the best time of her life after getting divorced from Tom Brady.

Insiders close to the supermodel told People, "She is secure and happy, and so busy with her life that she doesn't have time to dwell on the negatives out there."

This is in line with Gisele's previous interview with Vanity Fair, in which the 43-year-old said she was at a stage with the NFL star and they both thought it was better for them to end the relationship instead of continuing it.

"When you love someone, you don't put them in a jail and say, 'You have to live this life,'" she continued.

"You set them free to be who they are, and if you want to fly the same direction, then that's amazing."

Gisele and Tom, who had been married for over a decade, called it quits in 2023. The pair has two children.