Meghan Markle, Prince Harry jointly reach out to Kate Middleton

‘Making peace’ with Kate Middleton and Prince William would be a huge relief for Meghan Markle on many levels

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry jointly reach out to Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly jointly reached out to Kate Middleton to send well wishes as the Princess of Wales battles cancer.

According to the Closer, the California-based royal couple reached out to the future queen ahead of Trooping the Colour as Meghan is willing to “end this feud”.

The insider told the publication, “Both Harry and Meghan have been following Kate’s recovery with huge interest. They’ve jointly reached out to send well wishes, but they’re still not really in a place with Kate to warrant much of a response.

“That hasn’t stopped them from trying to connect and do what they see as the right thing. When Kate gets back into action, their hope is that it might take some of the heat off them and possibly trigger a truce with her and William, and with the King, too.”

The royal source further claimed there is no doubt ‘making peace’ the Prince and Princess of Wales would be a huge relief for Meghan on many levels.

“Not least because it would also improve her reputation and, in turn, the new brand she’s cultivating. Meghan would love to be accepted by the British public again. And getting the seal of approval from Kate and William would go a long way towards that,” the source told the outlet.

The reports of Meghan and Harry’s contact with Kate have emerged after the future queen attended Trooping the Colour.