Lisa Snowdon weighs in on getting her 'mojo back' after anxiety battle

Lisa Snowdon finally sets the record straight on what its been like finally getting her mojo back

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Lisa Snowdon weighs in on getting her 'mojo back' after anxiety battle

Britain's Next Top Model star, from 2006, Lisa Snowdon has just gotten candid about her struggles during perimenopause, and the accompanying anxiety that followed suit as a result.

She weighed in on everything while speaking to Closer magazine.

During that time she admitted, “I feel positive now, I really do.” Even though “I’ve been guilty of picking holes in myself over the years,”.

As of right now thought “some of the things I used to worry about seem such a waste of energy now. My perspective has shifted to a sense of gratitude.”

“It’s not about giving up on your health, it’s about being kind to yourself, proud of what your body has done for you and accepting that you don’t look the same as you did when you were 25,” because You’re not that person anymore.”

“When your hormones and sleep go out of whack, it has a huge impact on how you feel. But you do get a handle on it, and you can start to look and feel good again,” she also added.

For those unversed, this attitude came following her personal struggles where “I had days so dark that I thought, ‘If this is what my life looks like, then I can’t do it’,” it mainly happened because “I felt so lonely and confused. I didn’t recognise myself.”

Before concluding she also offered some insight into perimenopause itself and admitted, “During the perimenopause you’re more likely to crave things like pastries and coffee, and it becomes a tricky downward slope,” and “I had no grip on my cravings – I’d drink too much coffee and then eat a packet of biscuits.

At the end of the day, “It’s about listening to your body. When night sweats have kept you awake and you hit the wall mid-afternoon, a coffee isn’t the right idea.”

“I know coffee impacts my anxiety too – if I’m anxious, an extra cup isn’t what I need,” she also added before signing off.