Queen Camilla's role in King Charles, Prince Harry's continued estrangement: Report

Queen Camilla reportedly has a big hand in keeping King Charles far from his son Prince Harry

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Queen Camilla reportedly has a big hand in keeping King Charles far from his son Prince Harry

Queen Camilla is playing a major role in keeping King Charles away from his estranged son Prince Harry, per an insider.

Camilla has been standing in for the King at many events since his cancer diagnosis. The King has recently been attending more events himself, with Camilla by his side to support him.

Now, a tipster says the Queen does her best to keep him away from Harry, who’s criticized the Royal Family more than once since he stepped down as a working royal in 2020 along with wife Meghan Markle.

“Camilla dislikes Harry and doesn’t want Charles to get stressed while he’s undergoing treatment, so she tries to limit interaction,” a source told Us Weekly, noting that Charles “is holding out hope of salvaging their relationship but is hugely conflicted because Harry has hurt William and Camilla so much.”

“Harry has also been hurt,” noted the source.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, called Camilla “a villain” in his book Spare and also spoke against her in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

“When the docuseries came out, Camilla was furious,” a second source said. “Then, when Spare [was released], Camilla was saddened by what was said about her. She was heartbroken and confused.”

To this, royal expert Christopher Andersen added that Harry and William “have always resented Camilla.”

“They pleaded with their father not to marry her and 
only grudgingly agreed to go along with the charade if Charles kept 
his promise not to make her queen. That title would have gone to Diana
if Camilla hadn’t broken up their
parents’ marriage. When Charles broke that promise, William and Harry felt betrayed,” he claimed.