Drake reacts to Kendrick Lamar's verbal attacks on him

Drake appears to have been unfazed by Kendrick Lamar's latest dig at his concert in Los Angeles

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Drake reacts to Kendrick Lamar's verbal attacks on him

At his Pop Out concert, Kendrick Lamar performed the Not Like Us diss track five times, but it seems Drake remains unfazed by this as he posts his selfie hours after the concert in a jovial mood.

Taking to Instagram, Drizzy shared his snap writing Summer League, which suggests he may have been unbothered from the Grammy winner's show at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, where he took potshots at him, according to XXLMAG.

In the show, the Compton rap star threw his sharp verbal attacks at him by switching Euphoria song lyrics.

In this change, Kendrick demanded the One Dance hitmaker to hand over Tupac Shakur's ring he bought through auction.

"Give me Tupac's ring back, and I might give you a little respect," he rapped and also changed other parts of his song.

"I even hate it when you say the word '-,' but that's just me I guess," the Grammy winner spitted bars.

"Some ---- just cringeworthy, it ain't even gotta be deep I guess / Still love when you see sucess / Everything with me is blessed / Keep making me dance, waving my hands, and it won't be no threat / I'm knowing they call you the Boy, but where is the man? Cause I ain't seen him yet."