Firerose hits Billy Ray with major accusations amid divorce

Billy Ray filed for an annulment in May from Firerose just less than a year after marriage

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Firerose hits Billy Ray with major accusations amid divorce

Firerose thinks her career took a hit because of Billy Ray.

A source told In Touch that she is accusing the country musician of causing her to lose entertainment reps and a substantial amount of income.

Firerose claims that her manager and agent cut ties with her days after she was served with divorce paperwork in May.

Her counsel stated that during their marriage, Billy and Firerose were represented by Scott Adkins and Adkins Entertainment as their manager, Nick Meinema and Action Entertainment Collaborative as their booking agent, and Scott Kaufman and Buchwald for all literary, TV, and film booking purposes.

However, 11 days after Billy presented her with divorce papers, her representatives all terminated their services within 3 hours but continued their contact with him.

“Wife submits that Husband interfered with the contractual relationship between Wife and her representatives. Husband acted maliciously in retaliation in an attempt to ruin Wife’s career,” her lawyer shared.

Claiming that she lost out on a Hallmark movie and any future income, Firerose says she lost four scheduled concerts with guaranteed payments to the marital estate of $415,000.

The update comes after Billy filed for an annulment from her after less than a year of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct” as the reason for the split.