Prince William checks all boxes of Princess Diana's ideal son: Expert

As Prince William turns 42 today, royal expert claims that Princess Diana would've been proud of him

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Prince William checks all boxes of Princess Diana's ideal son: Expert

Princess Diana would’ve been proud of Prince William today if she were alive on his 42nd birthday today, according to an expert.

The Prince of Wales completed another year around the sun after experiencing the “most difficult” periods of his life.

Just two years ago, William was hit with the death of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. After a while he had to face the devastating news of his father King Charles and his wife Kate’s cancer news.

Moreover, the string of bad luck comes amid the ongoing estrangement from his younger brother Prince Harry as William continues to bear the burden of most of the royal duties.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward has said that while the past year has molded William for the hardships of the throne, Diana would’ve been proud of him despite it all.

"It has been one of the most difficult couple of years of Prince William’s life. In what seemed the blinking of an eye, he has gone from a carefree young dad to becoming the Prince of Wales on the death of his much-loved grandmother the late Queen. Even at that emotional moment Kate was unable to be at his side. It was their kids' first day at a new school and she correctly felt she had to support them,” she said.

Ingrid added, “There was also the problem with Prince Harry whose wife Meghan felt if Kate was at the Queen’s Balmoral home she should be allowed there too. William handled the whole difficult day with finesse."

“The traumas of the past year have made him a stronger person. He has become the kind of man Diana always hoped he would be. Kind, considerate and able to take on whatever life throws at him,” she concluded.