Kate Middleton breaks silence over marital issues with Prince William

Kate Middleton addresses claims of marital issues with Prince William

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Kate Middleton breaks silence over marital issues with Prince William

Kate, the Princess of Wales, silenced those who raised questions on her marriage to Prince William with her swift new move.

To shut down rumours about her alleged marital issues, Kate Middleton dropped a heartwarming family photo on social media featuring the Prince of Wales and her kids.

The photo came on the occasion of the 42nd birthday of Prince William showing him joyfully leaping in the air hand-in-hand with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

According to royal expert and historian Dr Tessa Dunlop, the snap shows that Kate’s marriage to William is here to stay and that their family is ‘more united’ than ever.

“Its fresh, its affectionate and its full of fun. Prince William's birthday picture, featuring our future king, de-mob happy, jumping over a sand dune with his three children in tow - is the best yet from the Princess of Wales,” she said of the photo while speaking with The Mirror.

"Posted across the couple's social media accounts, this winsome photograph speaks to how far the family have come in recent months,” she added.

The expert continued: "The children's love and trust is framed in the shot – a leap of faith alongside their father. And the princess doubles down on that sentiment through her unequivocal messaging. 'Happy Birthday Papa, we all love you so much! Cx'. George, Charlotte and Louis love their Dad 'so much!' As does Kate.”

“The inclusive 'we all' phrasing accompanied by her hallmark sign off, 'Cx' implicates the Princess of Wales in this close-knit unit. Here is a family who have faced down adversity and come through it stronger and more united.”