Kim Kardashian wants to date a 'billionaire'

Reports say Kim Kardashian eyes a 'billionaire' to get settled down

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Kim Kardashian wants to date a billionaire
Kim Kardashian wants to date a 'billionaire'

Kim Kardashian has dated many high-profile figures but reportedly now she wants to date someone whose net worth runs into a billion.

Sources however say she is on the lookout in the hope of getting settled down and for this, she has tasked her friends to become the matchmakers.

“She wants to settle down, not just play around, so in her view, it makes a lot more sense to go higher up the food chain and pick a man with billionaire status," the insiders told Life & Style.

The SKIMS mogul, who herself is reportedly a billionaire told friends to find her one of her type.

“She’s got all her girlfriends helping her with the hunt. She’s been hanging with a more high-level crowd and she’s really hoping that will put her in the same room with the right kind of man,” the tipster tattled.

This comes after her breakup with Odell Beckham Jr., sources say. “If you’d ask Kim six months ago who was on her dating wish list, she’d have named off a bunch of sports stars."

They continued, "She was even flying across the world to go to soccer games because she had her heart set on being a WAG."

“But after things went sour with Odell [Beckham Jr.], she changed up her whole game plan and she’s now saying it’s time for her to date a different kind of man.”