Prince Harry’s workload ridiculed for looking like a ‘grifter’

Prince Harry has just been put on blast for looking more like a ‘grifter’ when compared to Sophie Wessex

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

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Prince Harry has just come under fire for looking like a ‘total grifter’ next to Sophie Wessex.

All of this has been brought to light by royal correspondent Natasha Livingstone.

She broke down all her thoughts and feeling about these things during a candid piece for The Daily Mail.

In it she said, “Since Harry and Meghan quit Britain in 2020, Sophie has increasingly shouldered the weight of Royal responsibilities.”

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“Her workload is in sharp contrast to the lifestyle of the Sussexes – who have witheringly been described as 'grifters' by an executive of the streaming service Spotify.”

For those unversed, she is a patron of almost 70 charities, and has even carried out over 138 engagements.

And while most of her work tends to go ignored by local media, Sophie has often claimed that she is “not interested in chasing headlines” and knows the “deeper value” of her work.