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Wednesday Oct 14 2020

On crushes, family and return to Pakistan: Jannat Mirza opens up to fans on Instagram

The TikTok star revealed that she is planning to visit Pakistan in November. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Jannat Mirza

Pakistan’s newest social media sensation Jannat Mirza late on Tuesday responded to fans on Instagram, opening up about her crushes, family and return to Pakistan.

The TikTok queen, who wears the crown of being the only Pakistani to amass 10 million followers on the Chinese video-sharing app, is currently in Japan. 

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Mirza started the exchange by posting a ravishing picture on Instagram, which she captioned with, "Ask me a question". She rounded off her post with an Urdu verse.

In no time, Mirza’s comments section was flooded by fans asking her about her crushes, her family, marriage plans, and whatnot. Interestingly, most were inquisitive about her return to Pakistan.

While some asked Mirza about her favourite South Korean bands, her siblings, her favourite colour, her comments on the recent Tiktok ban, others directly tossed questions about her relationship with other TikTokers.

When asked about her crush, the popular Tiktoker did not shy away and replied: “Buhat hain.”

The Tiktok star also revealed that her visit to Pakistan was planned for November. She also shared how excited she is about an upcoming project.

Sharing her views on Pakistan and why she is planning to shift to Japan permanently, Mirza said that Pakistan is a beautiful country and really close to her heart, she does not like the mentality of most Pakistanis, who often criticise her for her content on TikTok.