King Charles 'staying young' as he faces 'challenges' as King

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King Charles staying young as he faces challenges as King
King Charles 'staying young' as he faces 'challenges' as King

King Charles is seemingly looking healthy and happy in his role as the monarch.

The 74-year-old, who is all set to celebrate his birthday next week, seems lively and more ready than ever for the upcoming challenges.

Royal expert Jennie Bond writes: “As King Charles prepares to celebrate his 75th birthday on Tuesday, he strikes me as a shining example of how taking on new challenges in later life can help keep you young and engaged.”

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She pens for “He’s got those pesky red boxes full of boring papers following him everywhere like annoying gnats, prime ministers to see, ambassadors to welcome… all in addition to pursuing the causes – albeit from a kingly distance – to which he devoted his princely life. Not to mention new ones, like his campaign to reduce food waste.”

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“But Charles appears to be thriving. He looks healthy and happy in the top job he has waited most of his life for, and from which there is no real prospect of retirement,” she noted.