Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Taylor Swift’s dad betrays NFL fandom for Travis Kelce

Scott Swift drew criticism after he wore a Kansas City Chiefs' lanyard while enjoying Taylor Swift's concert alongside Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift’s dad betrays NFL fandom for Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift’s dad betrays NFL fandom for Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce seems to be enjoying Taylor Swift’s dad ditching his brother’s team for him.

Scott Swift is under major scrutiny of Philadelphia Eagles’ fandom after he was seen wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard while enjoying his daughter’s concert alongside Travis, in Argentina.

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Given his lifelong support for the Eagles, Scott drew criticism for disregarding his loyalty for the sake of Taylor’s new boyfriend. 

In a promo for Jason Kelce’s podcast New Heights, set to be released on Wednesday, Jason addressed Scott by saying: “You're gonna let this man's devilishly good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a life of fandom, Scott.”

To this, Travis replied: “Got him over to the good side, baby.”

It’s a known fact that the Swifts have always been die-hard Eagles fans, including Taylor herself.

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Earlier this year, while she was singing Evermore at one of her concerts, the 33-year-old clarified to her audience that the lyric which reads, “I see me padding cross your wooden floors, with my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door,” is about the NFL team and not the band.

However, Taylor has also switched sides ever since she started dating Travis in October and also appeared at several NFL games to cheer him on.