Saturday, November 18, 2023

How much Prince William have in his bank account?

Prince William unveiled a £100,000 initiative during his visit

How much Prince William have in his bank account?

King Charles elder son Prince William apparently did not know how much does he have in his bank account.

This has been claimed by a school boy after the Prince of Wales sat down with some students when he visited the Hideaway Youth Project, a primary partner of the Manchester Peace Together Alliance.

During the conversation with the students, a young boy asked Prince William, "How much do you have in your bank account?"

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Responding to the student’s question, Prince William joked that he "didn't know", 11-year-old Amir Hassan claimed.

Meanwhile, the GB News reported earlier Prince William unveiled a £100,000 initiative that will support the Manchester Peace Together Alliance's efforts to develop a project that will train, employ, and provide skills to young people who are at risk of violence.

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Later, taking to Instagram, Prince William shared photos of his visit and said: “Proud to work with the Manchester Peace Together Alliance to improve opportunities and outcomes for young people.”