Sunday, December 03, 2023

Kate Middleton’s uncle calls Omid Scobie a ‘financial’ hog in clapback for niece

Kate Middleton’s uncle finally steps forward to bash Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s mouthpiece for racism claim

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Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has just rushed to her defense, over allegations of racism, in Endgame, swept the internet.

For those unversed, Kate Midleton has been accused of being one of the racist royals in question, according to Piers Morgan and the Dutch translation of the book by Omid Scobie.

He broke it all down in one of his own pieces for the Daily Mail.

“His first book Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan And The Making Of A Modern Royal Family was highly biased towards the Sussexes and, when I saw the author parading his latest tawdry tome round the TV studios this week, I thought he was a smarmy character with a definite financial goal and an awful affected voice. But I didn't expect him to be such a fantasist."

“His book made me feel nauseous. I had to put it down many times because the content made me so angry and I haven't even been able to finish it.”

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He also added, “It's such a character assassination of William and Kate in particular, who is mentioned an extraordinary 291 times. There is even a chapter devoted to her, Kate, my niece.”

“And now we're even being told that Kate has been 'accidentally' named as the supposed royal racist, along with her father-in-law, King Charles, in the Dutch translation of the book.”

“Somehow, the names of two of the most upstanding members of the Royal Family were in the manuscript when it was sent to Dutch translators, in a passage about an exchange of letters between Meghan and Charles regarding members of the Royal Family and unconscious bias.”

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“It's utterly ridiculous to consider that Kate is a racist,” he also went as far as to add.

“Racism isn't something which is inherent in anyone. It comes from an environment. Both Kate's mum Carole and I grew up in Southall, West London. Colour, race, age, creed and religious beliefs have never been a factor in our friendships or values.” So “to think Kate would buck that trend is totally bonkers,” he also said before signing off.