Monday, December 04, 2023

Prince Harry branded ‘disgusting’ for spreading a 'smell’ around the Firm

Prince Harry has just come under fire for his appalling and disgusting behavior

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Prince Harry has just been called out for leaving a nasty and disgusting smell, meant for the Royal Family to pick up.

This has been brought to light by royal commentator Richard Eden.

He broke all of these claims during in his weekly newsletter for Mail+.

In it he accused Scobie of considering the Sussexes his meal ticket.

So much so that he’s been doing “masters bidding”, according to Mr Eden.

He started the newsletter by pointing out the possible reason for Omid Scobie’s pro-Sussex agenda and said, “Let's be clear here, Harry and Meghan are Omid Scobie's meal ticket. They really are. He wouldn't do anything that he thought would upset them.”

Not to mention, “When Meghan made those claims back on Oprah Winfrey, she knew exactly what she was doing.”

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“She set that hare running, and those names were always likely to come out. They wanted it to hang over the Royal Family.”

While speaking of the duo, the expert noted, Prince Harry and Meghan “They wanted to do as much damage as they possibly could with that interview, they knew that it would linger, that nasty smell, would linger over the Royal Family. So Omid, whether directly or not, is doing his master's bidding.”

So “It's appalling, it's disgusting. You've got all these people who can't answer back, with the Royal Family.”

“I mean imagine how poor Catherine feels, she's had all of this sent her way, with all the stuff in the interview and the book, and she's trying to rise above it as they all have but it's very hard,” Mr Eden also added before signing off.