Facial surgeon reveals Angelina Jolie’s ‘major flaw’

An Australian plastic surgeon pointed out a surprising 'common' flaw in Angelina Jolie's face

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Facial surgeon reveals Angelina Jolie’s ‘major flaw’
Facial surgeon reveals Angelina Jolie’s ‘major flaw’ 

A renowned plastic surgeon has pointed out a major flaw in Angelina Jolie’s face structure.

Dr. Bryan Mendelson shared his expertise on the 48-year-old actress’ appearance during his conversation on Face by Alex Pike podcast.

"Women love Angelina Jolie, I don't quite know why. She does not have good bone structure on the temple. The other thing about her is her face is not symmetrical," he claimed.

The host, who is a cosmetic nurse himself, added that patients are always concerned about their face being asymmetrical.

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“It would be nice to reassure people not to get focused on asymmetry because everyone is asymmetrical,” replied Dr. Bryan while emphasizing that people always notice it on themselves but never on other people.

The facial surgeon isn’t the first expert to comment on Angelina’s face structure. 

In 2021, a London-based aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon named Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir explained the Salt actress’ "uneven face."

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"It's not about being symmetrical! Many clients presume that beauty, aesthetics and my face sculpting is associated with symmetry, when in fact it isn't true at all!" he wrote on a close-up shot of hers.