Thursday, December 07, 2023

Netflix 'Squid Game: The Challenge' finale leaves fans disappointed

'Squid Game: The Challenge' finale included Player 016, Player 287 & Player 451 contesting for the prize

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Squid Game: The Challenge premiered their finale on Wednesday which turned out to be a bore fest for its viewers.

Netflix streamed the much anticipated episode which decided the winner of the whopping $4.6 million prize money.

The reality TV show, based on the hit Korean drama Squid Game, made its contestants play games similar in the series which included Red Light, Green, Honeycombs and Hopscotch.

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Out of 456 players, the final episode came down to three contestants: Player 016 Sam, Player 287 Mai, and Player 451 Phil.

However, fans were disappointed to see that the final game, which decided the end of the thrilling show, turned out to be Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Sam secured the third position after he pressed a button of chance during the final three’s dinner. The two finalists were then instructed to play several rounds of rock, paper, and scissors.

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For each round they’d win, the contestant gained access to a key which could possibly open a safe with the prize inside.

In the end, it was Mai who got lucky as she ended up choosing the correct key that opened to a safe with a golden credit card.  

Fan reaction

Taking to their social media accounts, fans expressed their annoyance with the final episode. 

"It felt flat after such a great series," wrote on X user (formerly known as Twitter). Other netizen penned how it had potential for a great ending, "And they produced a finale worth skipping through. So boring."