Mike Tindall finally 'apologised' to Prince William: Here's why

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Mike Tindall ‘apologised' to Prince William: Here's why

Prince William has disclosed that Mike Tindall has 'apologised' to him after revealing his 'One Pint Willy' nickname recently.

Mike Tindall, the close friend of Prince William and husband of his cousin Zara Tindall, revealed the Prince of Wales moniker during a podcast appearance last month when he spoke to Rob Burrow.

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On Thursday, Prince William met Burrow in Leeds where he awarded him a CBE at Headingley Stadium.

During their conversation, Burrow told William that he "recently met Zara and Mike", referring to a special podcast he recorded with the Tindalls.

Burrow went on saying: "Mike has some secrets he told me which the kids found very amusing."

Reacting to it, the future king smiled and replied: "I think that might be some of the nicknames.

"Was it you who got the nicknames out of him?"

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Prince William joked: "He (Mike Tindall) apologised to me about that. I was like, 'Mike, when you say you're not going to mention anyone's nicknames that doesn't mean you can then mention my nickname. That's not fair.'"

Later, Prince William took to Instagram and said, “A pleasure to award Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield with their CBEs at Headingley today.

“Thank you both for your incredible efforts in raising awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease. Both true heroes of the #MND community and the Rugby Football League.”