Friday, February 09, 2024

Prince Harry not as smart as ‘Princess of BLM' Meghan Markle: ‘But he likes fame'

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle under fire for wanting 'to deconstruct Royal Family'

Prince Harry not as smart as ‘Princess of BLM’ Meghan Markle: ‘But he likes fame’
Prince Harry not as smart as ‘Princess of BLM’ Meghan Markle: ‘But he likes fame’

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle have landed in trouble as she has been dubbed the “Princess of BLM” who wanted to deconstructed the Royal family.

Dragging the Duchess of Sussex, Daily Wire host Candace Owens said that after Meghan could not become a Hollywood A-lister, she decided to marry a Prince who is “just not as intelligent as her.”

Referring to Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she opened up about “racism” she endured during her time as working royal.

"I knew that they would end up in LA because that was Meghan's dream,” Owens told GB News. "Her dream was to be an A-Lister and she was unable to make it to those A-list parties based on her own merit as an actress.”

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She continued: "She wasn't a very good actress and so she figured out how to maneuver that by marrying a Prince who is just not as intelligent as her. He's not reading the situation as clearly as other people are reading it.

"He has been subjected to her manipulation. It's really important why their story became so big. The Black Lives Matter movement, which was very big at that time, before people understood what they were advocating for was Marxist principles.

"It's why she became the Princess of BLM because what's one of the biggest principles of Marxism? The breakdown of family. Black Lives Matter on their charter stated that they wanted to deconstruct the nuclear family. Well, Meghan Markle wanted to deconstruct a family, didn't she?”

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Owens added, "And she was going to pretend that it was for something noble. Racism. It wasn't. So it was really because she wanted fame and she wanted wealth.”

Speaking of Prince Harry, she added, “And I don't want to say Prince Harry wasn't an unwitting participant.”

"He obviously is not as smart as her, but he also likes the fame and attention. We have had a sad circumstance play out here."