Monday, February 12, 2024

Prince Harry has ‘badly scalded' King Charles

Experts believe Prince Harry’s scalding behavior has completely scared off King Charles

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Prince Harry’s trip to the UK has just been compared to a bad ‘scalding’ and the hesitation that follows afterwards.

Claims about everything have been shared by royal commentator Jan Moir.

She touched on it all in a piece for the Daily Mail and referenced Prince Harry’s UK visit in the process.

“He certainly seemed to be on a self-imposed mission of mercy, but whose soul was he trying to save?” she began by saying.

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Because “it gets even weirder” as “Harry flies more than 5,000 miles to see his stricken ‘Pa’ and is given only a half-hour slot in the regal schedule.”

All in all, there is “barely time for his cup of tea to get cold.”

In reference to this the author also posed a question and said, “What kind of family behaves like that? Perhaps one that is very nervous. One that has been badly scalded by what went before.”

“For Harry’s intentions, no matter how well-meaning, must have been regarded as questionable by some Palace officials. How could they not be?”