Meghan Markle receives sad news amid Hollywood comeback struggles

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Meghan Markle has been told there is no chance she would be featured in the upcoming spin-off of her hit TV show, Suits.

After it was confirmed that a spin-off of the famous legal drama was in works, some insiders revealed that Meghan would be invited for a cameo in the show.

However, dismissing all such rumours, Meghan’s former co-star, Rachael Harris, who played the role of Sheila Sazs in the series, revealed that the previous cast won’t be in Suits: L.A.

She told The Mirror, "Well, this is the thing -the only thing I know the truth is, is that Aaron Korsh who created the original Suits I know personally: and of course when I got wind that they were doing a Suits LA I was like, okay, so when am I working? And he was very clear with me that no one from the previous cast is going to be in Suits LA."

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However, she mentioned that a cameo for some of the cast members may be on cards as the show maker, Aaron Korsh, wasn’t clear about guest appearances.

Harris said, "He didn't say that there couldn't be a crossover or there couldn't be a cameo appearance from one of us at some point.”

“But he said this is its own entity,” she continued. “Much like all the CSIs and all the Bruckheimers, right? Where they have CSI, Vegas, Los Angeles, on the moon everywhere.”

“So I feel confident that they want this to soar on its own without any of the original cast. That doesn't mean that we won't pop in."

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Before concluding, Harris made sure her comments are not taken out of context as she clarified that she did not have any discussion about Meghan with Aaron.

“He has not said anything to me about Megan popping in,” she said, “We don't talk about the Duchess. It's rude. She has enough going on. You know what I mean? Let's leave her alone for God's sake. Right.”