Prince William refusing to ‘entertain' Prince Harry amid Kate Middleton's recovery

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Prince William allegedly doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with Prince Harry during Kate Middleton and King Charle’s health crisis.

Insight into Prince Williams feelings towards King Charles and the issues surrounding Prince Harry have been shared by an inside source.

This source weighed in on everything during their most candid chat with OK magazine.

They started the conversation off by saying, “There's no way that the Prince of Wales will wear it.”

“Harry may well want to step back into a royal role, but as far as his brother is concerned, nothing has changed.”

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Not to mention, at this point in time, “Prince William has enough on his plate at the moment.”

After all, “His father is being treated for cancer and his wife is recovering from abdominal surgery. He simply doesn't have the bandwidth for this.”

In regards to Prince Harry, he is “ready and willing to help and genuinely believes it would work well for both parties.”

Before concluding the insider also admitted, “in his view, it wouldn’t be dissimilar from what was proposed back in 2020, with a hybrid model of working. With the King’s illness, there is perhaps more of a reason for those options to be considered.”