Prince Harry's real intention behind peacemaking with Royal family revealed

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Prince Harry has been accused of having a “secret” intention behind ending rift with the Royal family, an expert has revealed. 

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is said to have offered King Charles his help in running the monarchy with a permanent “part-time” role in the Royal family.

He even told Good Morning America that he is willing to make as many trips to UK as he wants to see his father King Charles while expressing his love for his family.

But the real intention behind him portraying himself as a “peacemaker" is to get publicity as he and his wife, Meghan Markle, struggle amid plummeting popularity.

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Speaking on the matter, Tom Quinn told The Mirror, "Harry likes to see himself as good in a crisis, as a peacemaker – the whole Meghan and Harry project has been to some extent built on the idea that Meghan and Harry can soothe the world's troubles.”

"It might be wild egotistical self-aggrandisement but Meghan has encouraged Harry to think he can change the world for the better so he is now convinced that he can be big enough and mature enough to heal the rifts with his family,” he added.

“But this will only last until the over-sensitive Harry feels he is once again being treated as the spare," the expert claimed.

Quinn went on to share something he learned from Prince William’s friend. "Having enjoyed huge publicity for creating family rifts he [Harry] now wants to enjoy huge publicity for being the family peacemaker.”

“But it just won't wash,” he added. “No one is going to fall for it."