Prince Harry reacts as Queen Camilla leads Royal family amid Charles' illness

Prince Harry recently visited UK to see his cancer-stricken father King Charles following cancer diagnosis

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Prince Harry seems to be having difficulty accepting his stepmom Queen Camilla’s new role in the Royal family amid King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

Charles has been trying his best to navigate his health issues while also fulfilling his duties. However, with Kate Middleton focusing on her recovery post-surgery and Prince William taking care of her, Camilla had to step up.

According to GB News, Camilla is leading the Royal family in absence of the three senior royals but seeing her lead is hard for the Duke of Sussex to “digest.”

Speaking of Harry’s reactions on Queen Camilla’s new role, Kinsey Schofield claimed that the Duke of Sussex must be “resenting” the idea.

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Camilla taking over the Royal family means there is no chance for Prince Harry’s reunion with King Charles about which he hinted during his interview with Good Morning America.

"I think the fact that Queen Camilla is seen as leading the family is significant proof that Prince Harry would not return to temporarily support the family because Camilla’s elevated position is likely something not sitting well with him right now,” the expert claimed.

She added, “He loved Queen Elizabeth II, he likely resents the idea of Queen Camilla, and we know, he felt like that’s a position his mother should be in," referring to the late Princess Diana.

“I imagine, the idea of her leading the family is something he has a hard time digesting.”