Kate Middleton ‘secretly’ asks Prince Harry one very simple question

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Kate Middleton ‘secretly’ asks Prince Harry one very simple question

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and her brother-in-law Prince Harry had reportedly indulged in a tense conversation hours before late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year.

As the future queen secretly confronted Prince Harry, she told the Duke of Sussex that he "betrayed" the Royal Family.

The Now to Love, citing sources, reported that during the funeral of the late Queen, Kate Middleton walked between her husband and his estranged brother Prince Harry and found an opportunity to talk to her brother-in-law.

The source told the publication, "Kate knew this would be the only time she could speak to Harry before he closed himself off from the family again. After all, with so much going on between them, there was going to be zero chance at the actual ceremony."

Prince William’s sweetheart never thought in a million years that Harry would hurt his own family like this. "Harry and Kate were once so tight and she can't forget that. It feels like she's also lost a brother in all this mess and she wanted to ask Harry one very simple question, 'Why did you betray us?'"

The insider further claimed Kate Middleton was hurt by Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare, and successive media appearances.