Why Matthew Perry felt he’d ‘struck gold’ with Friends

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Why Matthew Perry felt he’d ‘struck gold’ with Friends
Why Matthew Perry felt he’d ‘struck gold’ with Friends

Matthew Perry, prior to his death in his memoir, hailed his Friends co-workers for helping him ‘strike gold’ and here’s why.

All of this was shared in Perry’s 2022 memoir and it recounts a conversation with director Jimmy Burrows.

At the time Mr Burrows encouraged the entire cast to sit in Monica’s apartment to bond’ after the first table reading.

At the time Perry recalled there being “electricity in the air,” almost immediately.

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“We talked and joked, about romance, our careers, our loves, our losses. And the bond that Jimmy knew would be critical had begun,” he also recalled.

At the time Cox was already a seasoned actor with roles in Family Ties, Dancing in the Dark and even Ventura.

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Even Perry said, “Courteney — the only established amex of the group back then — said, ‘There are no stars here. This is an ensemble show. We’re all supposed to be friends’.”

“Hell, she could have had her lunch somewhere else, and we would have to have been fine with it. Instead, she simply said, ‘Let’s really work and get to know each other.’ She said it’s what she’d noticed about how it worked on ‘Seinfeld,’ and she wanted it to be true about ‘Friends,’ too.”

“So we did what she suggested. From that first morning we were inseparable,” he also added in his memoir.