Thursday, November 30, 2023

Taylor Swift slammed for pricey ‘Eras Tour’ movie rental

Taylor Swift announced that her 'Eras Tour' movie will be available online from December 13 onwards

Taylor Swift draws backlash over ‘money-driven’ tactics
Taylor Swift draws backlash over ‘money-driven’ tactics

Netizens are accusing Taylor Swift of capitalizing on her fame by setting high prices of her Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour online movie’s rental.

Both Apple Music and Spotify have confirmed the 33-year-old's status as their top artist in 2023, and recent reports by Bloomberg claimed that her gigantic Eras Tour this year has officially made her a billionaire.

However, despite her notable achievements as a singer, fans have criticized the Grammy-winning artist of always ideating money-driven tactics, including the release of multiple vinyl sets for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and special avenues for ticket purchases.

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Her latest move follows the cinematic release of her concert documentary in October, where ticket prices in the US were set at $19.89 (£15.70) plus taxes.

The singer recently announced digital release of the movie, which will feature three bonus songs, Long Live, The Archer, and Wildest Dreams, and announced that it will be available from December 13 (her birthday), with the same fee of $19.89. 

Internet slams Taylor Swift

"Taylor Swift really loves her fan, but she loves their money even more. A true capitalist," wrote one user while retweeting her announcement.

Slamming the price, another netizen penned: "Taylor swift having the prices for eras movie be 19.89 instead of regular price, now girl… c’mon capitalism catie."

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Labelling her as a "capitalist queen," an X user said: "Taylor swift only making the eras tour available to rent on demand…that’s the capitalist queen I know and love."