Prince William sends clear warning to King Charles amid abdication rumours

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Prince William has already shared glimpses of how his reign is going to be like once he takes over the throne from King Charles.

Since Charles was diagnosed of cancer, several news media outlets have claimed that he would soon abdicate the throne in favour of William, the Prince of Wales.

While there is no official statement from the Palace over the issue, New Idea Magazine has claimed that William is using Charles absence forefront by sharing hints of how he will be as the next King of UK.

William is making it clear with his recent public statements that he will not follow Queen Elizabeth II or his father's approach after he becomes the King. 

Even though Prince William’s been busy taking care of his wife, Kate Middleton, who is recovering from abdominal surgery, he has maintained a heavy work schedule.

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“Even though he has so much on his plate right now, it’s as if William is taking this opportunity to set out his stall in terms of what kind of King he will one day be,” a source told the publication.

The Prince of Wales recently revealed his plans to build 24 houses to support the homeless on Duchy of Cornwall land in South West England.

Later, he issued a statement over the ongoing war in the Middle East by calling for the “fighting to end as soon as possible.”

“He’s showing that – much like his late mother Princess Diana – he’s unafraid to speak on subjects that may be considered to be politically sensitive,” the insider said.

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The insider said William is sending a clearing warning to King Charles of how he plans to run the country once he becomes in charge.

They said, “He’s sending out a clear signal that his reign will be very different from that of his grandmother’s and father’s.”