Prince William starts off with ‘arrogant' label amid quest to become King

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Prince William has lost his support after he shared his opinion on a controversial matter amid rumours that King Charles might abdicate his throne.

William, the Prince of Wales, addressed the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and called for an “end to fighting,” upsetting few of his supporters.

While William was very careful with words to not hurt the sentiments of his supporters, he still managed to enraged some of his Royal fans and followers.

Discussing his controversial statement, GB News’ Mark Dolan thrashed the Prince of Wales while dubbing him “arrogant and high minded.”

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Reacting to this, royal author and broadcaster Pandora Forsyth claimed that the statement was not a “mistake” but straight out a "a shock.”

"It has completely divided opinion, and he knew it would divide opinion by doing this, but all of his aides would have gone over that with a fine tooth comb,” Forsyth said.

"And I've got no doubt that his father, the King, would have known about this as well, despite the fact he's working behind the scenes,” she continued.

Warning the Prince, the expert said that there is a reason the Royal family stays out of politics and that William’s "dipping his toes" in controversial issues will "cause offence.”

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“He has probably caused offence as well as obviously got a few fans out of it as well,” Forsyth said, adding that whatever William does would “go over with a microscope."

This comes amid reports that William would soon become the next King of UK alongside his wife, Kate Middleton, as the Queen, as King Charles needs to fucus on his health after cancer diagnosis.